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For well longer than 10 years, fans have squabbled in bars, parks and play areas about which hotshot is better.

Who is genuinely the best ever: Messi or Ronaldo?

Presently like never before supporters appear to be contending the case for their most loved via web-based networking media.

Both have appreciated sparkling professions, winning heaps of trophies, scoring many objectives and procuring heaps of individual honors.

In truth it is extremely unlikely us minor humans can really know whether Ronaldo or Messi is the best ever.

So we've gone to the individuals who realize them best to discover who is genuinely the best ever.

The following are 12 stars who've played close by both during their vocations - and who THEY accept to be the best ever...

At present a club partner of Ronaldo and worldwide buddy of Messi - Dybala would not focus on either when solicited which from the two was ideal.

The Juventus and Argentina ace carefully guaranteed: "It is difficult to make a correlation among them or state who is the best.

"They are at a level on a standard with one another and well above every other person and that has been the situation for quite a while."


THE Paris Saint-Germain winger collaborated with Ronaldo at Real Madrid - where they won the 2014 Champions League - and has played commonly with Messi for his nation.

However, on who was better, Di Maria asserted Messi was the one, saying: "It was a fantasy to have the likelihood to play with [Wayne] Rooney, [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic, Cristiano [Ronaldo], Leo [Messi]...

"Leo is the best of the four.

"With all the incredible players I have played with, it's difficult to pick. Be that as it may, in the event that I needed to pick one, it would be Leo.

"Messi is the best on the planet – there is no doubt about that.

"At the point when I am an elderly person I will recount my grandkids sleep time anecdotes about when I won the Champions League, ideally when I won the World Cup...

"Be that as it may, above all I will disclose to them their granddad used to play with Lionel Messi."


THE Argentine left-back played with Ronaldo at Manchester United and Messi for his nation - yet their ways would have crossed at Newell's Old Boys as well, when Messi was a chap.

Throughout the years, Heinze has had his state on both.

In 2008, he asserted: "In the event that I needed to pay for one player I would pick [Ronaldo].

"I don't think Cristiano will show signs of improvement as a footballer, he is as of now close to God in his capacity."

In any case, in 2016, he included: "Leo is puzzling. Footballistically, he doesn't originate from this planet. What's more, as an individual, he leads such a tranquil life, that is outstanding."

Regardless of his gleaming recognition, in fact he didn't upset his choice to name Ronaldo in 2008...

RESULT: Ronaldo

At present playing close by Ronaldo at Juventus - after a spell together at Real Madrid - and Messi for Argentina, Higuain thoroughly understands both.

What's more, he uncovered: "[Ronaldo and I] had just played along with Real. Numerous years have passed, and I have discovered another player, an increasingly developed individual, with a family.

"I delighted in playing close by him previously and I am happy that we are back together.

"I'm a forward and I get the opportunity to play with Messi. It's a benefit to play nearby him.

"Each time he gets the show on the road you should be on your toes since you realize that at any second he can give you an incredible ball or pull your marker away from you.

"He does things that a striker can foresee however a safeguard can't."


ANOTHER previous Real colleague of Ronaldo who played close by Messi for Argentina, Gago was in no questions as to is the better player.

Gago asserted: "For me he [Ronaldo] isn't No1. For me, the best on the planet is Messi due to the manner in which he plays, moves with the ball and changes matches.

"Messi has mind boggling capacity and I love the way that he plays.

"We realize that he can dominate a game down the middle a second and that gives you true serenity.

"In each game I have the inclination that he can make us succeed at whenever. Messi's method of driving is with the ball, at times a look is sufficient.

"He has a mind boggling character, he comprehends the game impeccably, he has battled for a long time to be simply the best without letting down, and that shows how he is.

"He is the best I have found in my life, in actuality."


One more previous Los Blancos partner of Ronaldo who featured on the universal scene with Messi, Garay additionally positions Leo as the No1.

Garay uncovered: "When individuals ask me who is the best player ever, I state Leo.

"From the first occasion when I saw him with Argentina Under-15s right up 'til today he keeps on stunning me. He has no restriction."


THE Everton midfielder went through two years playing close by Messi at Barcelona, and is captained by Ronaldo for the Portuguese national group.

What's more, he asserted: "[Ronaldo] is a significant player, who is consistently present and prepared to play.

"He is intense about the duty of driving our nation, we have extraordinary soul, and he's an incredible model for us all.

"Everybody realizes that Messi is incredibly, acceptable. He gets things done in games that you can't clarify; he just knows various things and can do it.

"In preparing it is a show, in light of the fact that consistently he can imagine something new.

"You believe you're utilized to it, however there is consistently one day you go to the changing area amazed by something he has done."



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